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  • Art dump: LilChu

    Art dump: LilChu

    Here’s a huge upload of several pics I’ve received from LilChu over the years, mostly stuff I’ve commissioned myself with a few gifts from friends in there as well. He’s definitely the artist I’ve commissioned the most so far!

  • New Meowth OC!

    New Meowth OC!

    Hello again, just wanted to quickly show off a new character I got done a little while ago. He is an anthro Meowth named Phillipe Argent, aka “Flip”; he dresses like a punk and has a thing against wearing belts, apparently. I thought the silver coin would be a cute little customization to help him…

  • Art dump! February 2023

    Art dump! February 2023

    Just posting a few pieces of art that I’ve gotten done or received as gifts over the past several months. Enjoy!

  • I’ve uploaded some of my commissions to Itaku.ee

    With Twitter basically dying (good riddance), deviantart being awful again, and FurAffinity still being shitty as always, an art website that has seemed to have gained some buzz is Itaku.ee. It looks pretty solid, has a nice interface and has a great tagging and rating system. It even has mass uploading! As always, I’m wary…

  • New characters: Parker the Flamingo and Diego the Poison Dart Frog

    New characters: Parker the Flamingo and Diego the Poison Dart Frog

    Thanks to my friend Tobacco Crow for helping me design some new OCs for use in various shenanigans! I’ve created two new characters: a flamingo and a frog. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’™ Parker LeBlanc is a tall flamingo college basketball player. He attends Sweetwater University, a fictional school in the fictional town of Sweetwater, USA. Sweetwater is its…