Story: Blackjack’s Carrot Caper

Content warning: This story contains mature language, but is otherwise pretty clean. I guess? Blackjack’s Carrot Caper For my friend Snallel 💙 by Numou the Impfox It was a clear, bright, and sunny day inside a busy city on planet Earth. Perhaps too bright for a particular raccoon bounty hunter, Rocket Raccoon, who was squinting and… Continue reading Story: Blackjack’s Carrot Caper

Story: Rocket Raccoon’s Crash Landing

Content warning: This story contains sexual/adult themes and is intended for an 18+ audience only. “Aaaand, there we go,” Rocket said with a sigh of relief, crawling out from the engine bay, wrench in hand, and covered in dirt and grease. “Looks like we’re finally gonna get out of here, Groot.” Groot nodded and helped… Continue reading Story: Rocket Raccoon’s Crash Landing