I’ve uploaded some of my commissions to Itaku.ee

With Twitter basically dying (good riddance), deviantart being awful again, and FurAffinity still being shitty as always, an art website that has seemed to have gained some buzz is Itaku.ee. It looks pretty solid, has a nice interface and has a great tagging and rating system. It even has mass uploading! As always, I’m wary… Continue reading I’ve uploaded some of my commissions to Itaku.ee

Telegram Channel

I made a new Telegram channel feed to mostly replace what I would use Twitter for, as I haven’t posted to that site fully in forever now. Twitter sucks, tbh. I’ll probably use it to post commissions, thoughts, and ideas that don’t warrant a full blog post, and of course, I’ll link back blog updates… Continue reading Telegram Channel

Migration complete!

I have finished moving my site over to WordPress. Right now I am just using the default Twenty Twenty-One theme, which I am content with for now. WordPress themes are a beast of their own, and most of them seem to cost money for even basic features, so if the default works and looks good,… Continue reading Migration complete!

Update coming soon!

I am in the process of moving my site to a WordPress blog. I will make sure to post the stories on here as soon as I get things set up and working properly! Don’t worry, they’re not gone! Hopefully WordPress will be easier to manage than fiddling around with Jekyll and manual HTML/CSS was.… Continue reading Update coming soon!