New characters: Parker the Flamingo and Diego the Poison Dart Frog

Thanks to my friend Tobacco Crow for helping me design some new OCs for use in various shenanigans! I’ve created two new characters: a flamingo and a frog. 💖💙

Parker LeBlanc is a tall flamingo college basketball player. He attends Sweetwater University, a fictional school in the fictional town of Sweetwater, USA. Sweetwater is its own little character universe also created by my buddy Tobacco Crow (he loves world building and making new characters!). Parker made the rather unusual decision to attend a university in the Southern USA after scoring a college basketball scholarship there, which is what brought him to Sweetwater. He is Canadian and originally from Montreal, Quebec.

Diego (surname yet undecided), is a short poison dart frog, who attends the university with Parker, is his dorm roommate, and is also a Twitch streamer and gamer. He is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but moved to the USA around the age of 10.

I got ref sheet of the both of them as well as a little pic done of the two of them being cute and gay with one another. 🥰

Diego, the poison dart frog from Argentina. Art by ramerooni.

Parker LeBlanc, the French-Canadian flamingo jock. Art by JuniorJosi / Tim Lake Cheetah.

And here’s the first pic of the two of them together! They’re not in a relationship with one another (yet); just two gay roommates who got a bit flirty in the locker room. 😇

Parker and Diego getting up close and personal. Art by anonymous artist (by their request).

There are more characters that Crow and I have developed that we want to see drawn to life, and I look forward to getting art of them in the future! With some OCs I can use them in my own original stories… yes, I will write original content some day! I do love my Rule 34 and canon character smut, but having some original characters ready to go gives me that much more freedom.

Let me know what you think! 💙

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.