New Meowth OC!

Hello again, just wanted to quickly show off a new character I got done a little while ago.

He is an anthro Meowth named Phillipe Argent, aka “Flip”; he dresses like a punk and has a thing against wearing belts, apparently. I thought the silver coin would be a cute little customization to help him stand out a bit more.

I have plans for him in the future! Maybe stuff with my sona Numou, or maybe some stuff with other characters, who knows? You can be sure with those sagging pants, there are bound to be some familiar shenanigans going on. Heheh.

Thank you very much to Edtropolis

…and Smallfryspy

…for the art and ref sheet! 💙

Yes, his surname is French for “silver”. I thought it was cute.

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